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Hi. My name is Annelise. I am 28 yrs and I have no child. I have been detected with signs of extensive carcimona in situ with focal micro invasive squamous cell carcimona on the 15 February 2013.. I admit that I am really afraid.. I also think about my boyfriend.. We are together since 6 months (but know each other since more than a year as we work together).. We had plans marriage and family... I am really sad and anxious.. I need some advices from everyone on how to deal with that cancer, especially on radiotherapy that(I will have to carry a series of test tomorrow before starting radiotherapy), on diet (what to eat and what should be avoided).. and also on how to react emotionally... Im so afraid...

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February 18, 2013

May 13, 1984

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Cervical Cancer

February 15, 2013

Stage 1

That I have no control on cancer, that I may not see my loved ones in future


Need to endure

Need to be strong mentally

Bleeding with a foul smell

Biopsy of cervix and polyp


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